Tenant Profile: Cirrus Water Management

Each month at 96 on Fourth, we highlight one of our existing tenants that currently lease office space at our contemporary furnished offices, just off Sandton drive.

This month we are focusing on Cirrus Water Management.

So, what is Cirrus all about?

Cirrus Water Management provides equipment that produces an unlimited supply of high-quality drinking water that has a zero impact on the environment whilst being cost effective, as an alternative to bottled water.

The equipment achieves this by extracting water out of the atmosphere where there is always a supply of humidity.

Users of this equipment include:

  • Remote businesses such as mining exploration sites, bush and island lodges
  • Commercial buildings
  • Schools
  • Apartment blocks and similar residential buildings

The benefits of using this equipment include:

  • Elimination of water-borne diseases through contaminated municipal water
  • The cost per litre of drinking water is dramatically reduced
  • The carbon footprint associated with the manufacture of plastic bottles, transporting water bottles, and disposing of them disappear
  • Health risks associated with some plastics leeching BPA chemicals that act like estrogen disappear
  • Increased productivity and morale within the communities
  • Business continuity
  • Continuity of healthy potable water

Get in touch with Cirrus at 96 on Fourth!

Mike Murray - Ext No: 2017 Cell No: 084 750 5002 Email: mike.murray@cwmsa.co.za
Bruce Jones - Ext No: 2017 Cell No: 083 325 4698 Email: bruce.jones@cwmsa.co.za
Cirrus Water Management | +27 11 064 4884 | www.cwmsa.co.za

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